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 ...........AGRILICHTER we are an agricultural enterprise founded in 1959 by Mr.José A. Lichter Salido in the Culiacán Valley, State of Sinaloa, Mex.. We are located on La 20 Highway, Km. 4.5 Southwest. We count on land suitable for cultivation and handle several production units in the center, north and south of the state.

AGRILICHTER produce, pack, ship and sell different vegetables as pickle and chili which are sowed throughout the State of Sinaloa, mainly in the Culiacán, Sin., Mex. Region, located 45 Km. From the Pacific Ocean and 960 Km. from Nogales, Az., USA.

We attend the following markets:




We count on our own packing installations, cooling rooms and cover all needs required by food industry.

We handle with the highest quality standards and for more than 25 years, we supply almost all American companies that use pickle and chili as their base.

At several times, Industry Awards, have been issued to us for being the best industry suppliers. We hold testimony of it.

At this time, new members have been incorporated to the Company and they are as follows: Public Accountant, José A. Lichter Acosta as Executive Vice-president; Mr. Juan Francisco Lichter Acosta as Agricultural Manager and Mr. Agronomist Engineer, Jorge Luis Lichter Acosta as Logistic and Trade Manager.

These people are the enterprise founder's sons. The founder is currently the President of the company, condition that gives consistency and continuity to the organization.

"Required quality, convenient prices and safe supply"


  • Banco Nacional de Mexico, Branch Office 441, Culiacán, Sinaloa,México. 40 years as customer.
  • Bank One, Branch Office, Tucson William Center, International Department, 2nd. Floor. 10 years as customer.

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E. Osuna #1202 Pte. C.P. 80200

P.O. Box 711

Tels. (67) 14-90-02, 14-87-50 FAX: (67) 14-87-00

Culiacán, Sinaloa, México.